Our experienced team are comfortable in a wide range of environments but seek to maintain a consistent approach and ethos to providing high quality service with a focus on attention to detail and delivering low carbon solutions.

Net Zero

Addressing climate change is the most pressing challenge of our age.
With time running out to reduce carbon emissions, the construction industry has a key role to play in ensuring that the built environment treads lightly with respect to our planets finite resources, delicately balanced eco-system and atmosphere. At etch, tackling climate change is the key aspiration and is central to all our design proposals. Our experienced and passionate team of building physicists and sustainability engineers are driven by the aspiration to achieve low energy design in all our buildings from highly complex new-build laboratory schemes to school refurbishments. Our building physics and building services teams work collaboratively with design partners to reduce complexity and make use of natural energy flows to help regulate buildings, designing out waste and inefficiency.

Higher Education

Creating inspiring, carefully crafted, and beautiful spaces is a passion that drives our designers, and the provision of high-quality environments has a tangible impact on the outcomes for students and researchers.
Our team have been working in the sector for decades and understand that higher education institutions are complex and sophisticated organisations with a myriad of stakeholders. Engaging effectively with these stakeholders is the key to a successful project and our team revel in personal engagement as it ensures that we understand the key requirements of the project and key metrics for measuring success.

Science & Research

The Science and Research world is an incredibly fast-paced industry and requires constant adaptation to change.
Our experienced team have decades of experience within the sector and understand the requirement for adaptable and technically robust solutions to facilitate the science. Designing spaces that are flexible and highly functional is key, but they must also be comfortable spaces to occupy and encourage collaboration and engagement. We are passionate about providing high quality design and have years of experience in cleanrooms, containment laboratories, manufacturing suites and teaching/ research facilities

Heritage & Culture

The UK has an incredibly rich built environment and maintaining the quality and beauty of its listed buildings is an honour and a responsibility that our team relish.
A sensitive, detail driven approach is key in ensuring that refurbishments of historic buildings are successful. Our team enjoy working in beautiful, storied spaces and extending the lifespan of architecturally important buildings in conjunction with our design partners. Through early feasibility to detailed listed building applications our team monitor the little details that make endeavours of this nature successful.


The intrinsic links between high quality, comfortably designed environments and cognitive function have long been established
Our team are acutely aware that as designers we can have an impact on the educational outcomes for young people and educators. Attention to detail and a focus on cost effective, intuitive design solutions are key and our team are vastly experienced in delivering inspiring spaces for learning in a range of environments from independent schools to early-stage settings.


The commercial sector is driven by the requirement to deliver beautiful and functional spaces but with a close eye on cost, efficiency and quality.
The provision of intuitively controlled and readily maintainable engineering systems is incredibly important and ensure that our commercial clients can focus on delivering what they do best whilst their building facilitates excellence. Our clients have a broad range of requirements from secure storage and delivery bays to smart data systems and buildings. Delivering productive and sensitively designed spaces is a key driver for our team and we work incredibly hard to deliver for our commercial clients.

Sports & Leisure

Our founding directors are passionate sportsmen and understand the value of sport and leisure to individuals and to society in general.
Facilitating effective utilisation of spaces for exercise and training is important to us as a team and providing high quality, discreet designs is key for successful outcomes. From gyms and yoga studios to spas and swimming pools our team are well versed in delivering invigorating spaces with a focus on low energy design and comfortable environments.


In the hotel sector, a focus on the satisfaction and enjoyment of its guests is paramount.
Our team have been working within the hospitality sector for many years and intuitively understand that engineering systems must maximise occupant comfort and be simple to control. We work incredibly hard with our client teams to deliver outstanding spaces from boutique residences to large scale resort developments whilst always keeping the guest at the centre of our design process. Our team are passionate about delivering beautiful, awe-inspiring destination spaces, in conjunction with our design partners, that maximise occupancy levels of our clients’ facilities.

Community Buildings

In the modern world, community organisations and institutions are an incredibly important part of society and contribute to social cohesion and engagement.
Our team take great pride in working with the community sector as clients often give their time selflessly to benefit their communities. At etch, we understand that our designs can contribute to highly successful outcomes for our community partners and necessitates a keen focus on budget, functionality and programme. Our team endeavour to deliver beautiful spaces that are welcoming, safe and comfortable to occupy and encourage use by the wider community.


Designing a home for private individuals is a privilege and our team take great pride in delivering sensitive and incredibly energy efficient spaces to our residential clients.
We are experts in delivering a range of residential developments from social housing and multi-occupancy buildings to high-end residences and country estates. Our extensive experience in the sector has been built on a dedication to high quality service and engagement with our private clients. Our technical expertise in delivering complex engineering systems with simple controls interfaces and maintainable installations is a prerequisite for our work within the residential sector.


Working in healthcare environments for many years has taught us that attention to detail and a rigorous understanding of regulatory requirements is essential to successful outcomes on all healthcare projects.
From GP practices to operating theatres our team have that worked on a myriad of healthcare projects that contribute to high quality outcomes for patients. We understand that patient centric design and practice should be at the centre of any healthcare project and is the metric by which success is measured. Close control of construction costs and programme is essential for each scheme and extensive engagement with our healthcare partners a prerequisite.