Net Zero Carbon

Addressing climate change is the most pressing challenge of our age. Key to this is aiming for net zero carbon in all of our projects.

With time running out to reduce carbon emissions, the construction industry has a key role to play in ensuring that the built environment treads lightly with respect to our planets finite resources, delicately balanced eco-system and atmosphere.

At etch, tackling climate change is the key aspiration and is central to all of our design proposals. Our experienced and passionate team of building physicists and sustainability engineers are driven by the aspiration to achieve low energy design in all of our buildings from a highly complex new-build laboratory schemes to a school refurbishment.

Our building physics and building services teams work collaboratively with design partners to reduce complexity and make use of natural energy flows to help regulate buildings, designing out waste and inefficiency.

Our aim is to provide our clients with outstanding spaces that delight occupants and make etch the consultant of choice.