High-quality acoustic design can help improve concentration, increase productivity, reduce stress levels and improve well-being in all buildings. It is also an essential component of the design in theatres, auditoria and recording studios.

Our specialist acoustic consultancy team specialise in architectural and environmental noise and vibration engineering. We combine a detail focused, practical and personal consultancy service with our client and design partners at the very core of our process.

Our team are incredibly conscious of a building heritage and aesthetic qualities and work closely with our colleagues to develop sympathetic and highly effective design solutions. We provide a full range of acoustic consultancy services throughout the entire RIBA Plan of Work from feasibility to post occupancy review. We also provide full support with on-site noise, dust and vibration monitoring.

Our team has extensive experience in acoustics and the construction industry, across a wide range of sectors but we are consistent in our approach and focus on excellence in design and a personable, team focused ethos.